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Dear Students and Parents,


Welcome to Sisu Academy's Performance Team! Please remember that the summer session is used as a try-out and you are not necessarily guaranteed a spot. It is an honor to be on the Team, however, before deciding to accept, please read carefully the list of requirements and commitments required by all dancers and their parents to be a member. As a member of this elite team of dancers, you will have the opportunity to participate in performances and competitions throughout the year.

Team members will be evaluated during the summer session and placed in the correct level team for the Choreography Clinic and fall-spring session. Teams will be formed by the instructors based on the following criteria: ability to pick up material, age, attitude in class, maturity, and technique. The fall/spring schedule will be loosely based on last year's Team schedule with a few possible changes.  Please make sure you are completely committed before filling out your registration forms. Let Miss Katie know of any time and day conflicts as soon as possible so she can try to schedule around them.

Our 2019 Choreography Clinic for Performance Teams is tentatively scheduled for August 18-22; a more detailed schedule will be provided at a later date. Teams will begin learning their competition routines and attendance is mandatory. Let Miss Katie know of any date/time restraints and she will try to schedule around them. A parent and student meeting will be scheduled around the Choreography Clinic to go over all Team information for the upcoming year.

It is our studio's goal to develop a genuine respect for dance as an art form in each of our Performance Team members. With the right focus, the experience can help the student grow in their self-confidence. Dancing on stage and doing the best that they can is what it's all about. The actual award becomes secondary.

We also hope to instill an appreciation in our dancers for other dancers and their studios. We are not out to "beat" anyone; rather we are out to motivate our dancers and faculty by exposing them to the highest caliber of talent available. For us, competition is education!

Being on a Performance Team will require a lot of work, but it is also a lot of fun and we look forward to having your child be a part of it!

Sisu Academy of Dance & Gymnastics

“Let them praise his name with dancing…” – Psalm 149:3

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