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Welcome to Sisu Academy! 

We are proud to offer Movement classes and Open Gyms for the very young children. Our Movement classes are for 2-3 year olds and are led by an instructor.  They will work on beginning skills such as jumping, skipping, and balance. Our Open Gyms are for 1-5 year olds and it is self-directed time to explore some games, mats and other equipment. An instructor will be on duty to ensure safety and parents are encouraged to participate along with their child.


Movement and Opens Gyms are offered in 5 week sessions. New this year, we are offering special pricing for those that would like to take Movement classes or Open Gyms by semester (three 5 week sessions) or by year (six 5 week sessions). The 5 week session dates are as follows:


Sessions: (5 weeks each)**

September 10 - October 13

October 15 - November 17

November 26 - January 12 (excluding December 24 - January 5)

January 14 - February 16

February 18 - March 30 (excluding March 11 - March 16)

April 1 - May 4

May 6 - June 8

We will again have our popular bring a friend to class week September 24-29. 

We are continually adding to and updating our current schedule so please check our website often. If you have any questions or requests, let us know through phone or email.

Please note that classes begin Monday, September 10, 2018.


Sisu Academy of Dance & Gymnastics

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