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Performance Team Guidelines



Accounts must be kept current at all times. Summer session tuition is based on seven weeks (three 2 week summer sessions and 1 week Choreography Clinic) and is due the first week of class. The Fall-Spring session tuition is based on about 30 weeks excluding holidays and vacation weeks and can be paid in full, by semester, or monthly. We accept payment for classes by cash, check, or credit card (Mastercard, Visa, or Discover). Returned checks will result in a $30 charge followed by payment in cash. Outstanding tuition may result in the temporary suspension of your child until the account is current. Students with outstanding balances will not be allowed to compete or perform in our spring recital. If needed, please call the studio to arrange an alternative payment plan. We are more than willing to work with you and do not want to deny any student the opportunity to dance.



Classes start at the scheduled time and promptness is expected. Students coming in late cause too much distraction, delay, and will not be properly warmed-up for class. Good attendance is imperative, as absences and tardiness can hold back an entire class. The studio cannot jeopardize its responsibilities to the rest of the class for one student. Please make every effort to attend every class. Students will be allowed to miss up to ten dance classes per year (summer, choreography clinic, and fall/spring) which includes team classes, ballet, dance technique, and any other classes required for Teams. Students will be allowed to miss up to four gymnastics classes per year (summer, and fall/spring). Late arrivals over 5 minutes will be counted as a 1/2 missed class. It is the student’s responsibility to learn the material missed before the next class. Students who repeatedly miss practice will not be allowed to compete or may be dismissed from the team.  Missed classes will not be deducted from tuition payments and dismissal from a team will not result in a tuition refund. Please use these misses for when the dancer is truly sick/contagious or the student has school or family functions.


Extra practices will be scheduled throughout the year.  These practices are mandatory. Team members and their parents must agree to commit their participation and support for the entire year. Exceptions will only be made for certain circumstances.



Performance Team warm-ups and other Team attire will be available to purchase during specific times of the year; you will be notified of these dates in advance.  These warm-ups or other studio attire should be worn at all competitions and performances.


Bonding Parties

It is highly encouraged that team members get together frequently outside of classes to get to know each other better and form friendships. It works really well if families take turns planning get togethers. The costs of the event do not need to fall on the individual families. It should be expected to pay your own way for these events. Some things planned in the past include: swimming, bowling, trampoline park, sleepovers, snow tubing, etc. It is important that these events are highly inclusive, so that no one feels left out.


Choreography Clinic

The Choreography Clinic is tentatively set for August 18-22 and is mandatory for all Team members. We will begin learning all the routines for the 2020 competition season. A more detailed schedule will be provided at a later date.


Competitions and Performances

Students will receive a list of competitions we plan to attend in October. All students are required to attend all competitions. Details regarding competitions will be handed out beginning two weeks before any given competition.


We plan on attending two to five competitions, depending on age and level. Hotel rates vary upon location and are the responsibility of each family. Entry fees average $40-$60 per dancer per routine. Solos, duets, trios, and small groups are extra and range $55-$140 per dancer per routine.


Throughout the year, our team will be invited to perform at other events and locations. Some examples include: parades, school/community/charitable events, nursing homes, etc. Participation in these performances in mandatory, although we do try to accommodate scheduling conflicts and make exceptions for other school obligations.


Costumes and Accessories

Each team will need two to six costumes with the average cost being $60-$80 per costume. Costumes are ordered in November. We try very hard to keep the cost to a minimum. Costume choices are based on the group and choreography of the dance and the final decision lies with the instructor.


Dancers will also need to purchase the correct shoes, tights, jewelry, and accessories for each dance. Shoe and tight colors will be decided at costume ordering. A jewelry and accessory order will be sent out later in the year. A charge will be applied for each Team's extra make-up, hair pieces, and props at competition time. 



Several fundraising opportunities will be available throughout the year to earn funds to help pay for Team expenses. Parent volunteers will be needed to help run these! Please let us know of any fundraising ideas you may have.


Stretching Charts

Stretching and increasing your flexibility outside of class is a very important part of being a team member. Ideally, we would like to see each team member work through the stretching chart on a daily basis. As a team member you are required to turn in your stretching chart on a monthly basis. Stretching charts need to be turned in to the studio by the end of the first week of the month for the previous month’s chart. Charts not turned in will result in a ½ miss on your attendance record. Late charts will result in a ¼ miss on your attendance record. Stretching charts should be turned in no matter how much stretching you have done and be honest.


Team Placements/Required Dances

  1. Determine Primary Team Placement: The majority of a student’s placements is considered their primary team (in the case of a tie, the higher team of the tie is primary) and their primary team determines their minimum number of required team dances: Strong 5, Bold 4, Fearless 3, and Brave 2.

  2. Determine Minimum Required Dances: Each team member must participate in their Tap and Jazz placements. If the student has any Primary Team required dances remaining, they may fill those requirements with their choice of their Hip Hop, Lyrical, or Pom placements.

  3. Optional Dances: Sometimes a student will be placed in more dances than their Primary Team Placement requires. Students may elect to take these dances beyond their minimum required dances.


If a student is not able to or does not want to take the required minimum of dances for their Primary Team Placement, they may elect to step down a team for each of their dance placements to reduce their requirements.

In addition to your team dances, all team members are also required to take Dance Technique, Ballet, and Gymnastics at their appropriate levels. These are included in your team tuition.

Code Of Conduct


All dancers will be on their best behavior during all classes and performances and are expected to work as a team player at all times.  Team members have the responsibility to set the example at the studio for the younger children through their actions and dedication to the art of dance. Performance Team is for the most dedicated student.  All dancers will be expected to focus and perform to the full extent of their abilities during every class - nothing less will be accepted. Come to class ready to work; the term “full out” applies to each and every movement without having to be said.


Team members and their parents must be supportive of the program and all of its other members and parents. Derogatory remarks or acts of unkindness to other team members, parents, instructors, or competitors will be grounds for dismissal from the team. Every dancer is expected to come to dance with a positive attitude. Any dancer expressing a negative attitude in any way will be asked to leave. Outside issues are not allowed in the studio under any circumstances. Please leave the gossip and issues at home.




Student's / Parent's Code of Ethics


  • I will promote teamwork, sportsmanship, and a competitive spirit for all dancers and spectators in a positive manner.

  • I will strive to work to the best of my talent, energy, and dedication in every class.

  • I will leave any and all conflicts outside of the studio and always come to dance with a positive and upbeat attitude.

  • I will support my or my child's team, instructors, and choreographers and resolve to allow the instructors to manage the dancers and choreography as they feel best benefits the entire team.

  • I will encourage my child to the best of my ability at all times.

  • I will be positive towards all dancers when attending competitions, including the students of other studios.

  • I will serve as a proper role model to the younger dancers at all times.

  • I will respect my parents and teachers at all times during class and competition.

  • I will show up to competitions and performances early, with everything ready.

  • I will respect my studio by leaving it looking better then when I arrived.

  • I will be at every practice possible. If I miss a class, I will make every effort to make it up as soon as possible.

  • I will follow all guidelines listed in the Team packet given out at the beginning of the summer session.

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